We’re launching an exciting new website

We’re launching an exciting new website
11 October 2021
Working with Pixl8, our new website partner, the new IBMS site will deliver a wide range of resources, training and events aimed at members.

Due to the HCPC registration renewal window for Biomedical Scientists (30 November deadline) and following consultations with members, the new website and CPD system has been pushed back to go live in January 2022. Therefore, members using the current IBMS My CPD system will now have until 31 December 2021 to remove their CPD history and evidence files. 

About the new site

Using a user-centred design with intuitive navigation, the site will include streamlined renewals and give members more access to update their data records. 

IBMS members will be able to log their training and maintain records online using a new CPD system, whilst also connecting to an eLearning system - opening up learning opportunities for more of our members. 

Other innovative features for members will include:

  • Managing your data and your membership account with more ease to update personal information and preferences

  • Tailored content based on your discipline or career 

  • Greater access to more content from The Biomedical Scientist and British Journal of Biomedical Science.

Get ready for the change

A new version of 'My CPD' will also be available with the new site in the coming months.

If you’re already logging CPD using our system, or you would like to start soon, there are some important actions we need you to take before midnight on Friday 31 December.

If you have an IBMS CPD diploma record you will need to:

  1. Download and store your CPD record. Your CPD history and evidence files will not be transferred to the new website.
  2. Login to My CPD and save your record using the PDF or CSV button under CPD history.
  3. To download your evidence files, select edit on the activity and then click on the file. This will automatically download the file to your device.

If you are part way through an IBMS CPD diploma
When the new CPD system is in place you will be able to start logging your CPD from where you left off, once you complete 24 activities (including your prior activities) you can apply for your CPD diploma certificate.   

Until 31 December, keep logging as usual
There’s no need to stop logging your CPD. We won’t close the current platform until the end of December. 

For further details on the new website and 'My CPD' changes, please use the links below:

My CPD - Get ready for the change

Frequently asked questions

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