Events in 2023

CONGRESS 2023 - Quality in IT procurement

This lecture will provide context and understanding of the processes and practices used within Northumbria Healthcare for ensuring Quality is underpinned throughout the procurement process within Pathology IT. Including:

Lessons learned from previous projects
Learning from others
Contract Development
Frameworks and Technical Standards

CONGRESS 2023 - Regulation of in vitro diagnostic medical devices in the UK

The safety and performance of diagnostic devices used in pathology (equipment, software, reagents etc) is assured through regulation. The UK is developing a new set of regulations that will completely change how the safety and performance of diagnostic devices can be demonstrated. Regulations will have an impact on procurement and availability and will affect how new products can be developed in pathology facilities.

CONGRESS 2023 - Development & Introduction of ISO 15189:2022

ISO15189:2022 has undergone a major revision and was release in December 2022. David was one of the core drafting team responsible for the latest version and will discuss how the document was developed and agreed by the international community, why the changes were made and the purpose of the new standard.

Areas covered in this lecture will include the change in the format of the standard, why Point of Care testing is now part of the main assessment, if applicable and the increased empathies on risk and patient welfare.ISO15189 was revised and released in December.

CONGRESS 2023 - ISO 15189:2022 Q&A

ISO 15189:2022 Q&A

CONGRESS 2023 - Gynae pathology

Gynae pathology

CONGRESS 2023 - Skin


CONGRESS 2023 - Uropathology

A brief overview of two interesting case studies in uropathology covering the normal histology of the kidney and prostate, the common tumour types/pathologies and the potential challenges or differential diagnoses that may need to be considered.

CONGRESS 2023 - Upper GI tract

Upper GI tract

CONGRESS 2023 - Lower G.I tract

Lower G.I tract

CONGRESS 2023 - Making Science Sustainable – Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) and Clinical Laboratories

Nations, institutions, and now the NHS have made net-zero commitments, but how will this affect scientific operations, and what would net-zero science look like? Laboratories are recognising their energy intensive nature, and assessing their immense consumption of consumables. More green lab efforts are growing around the world, though more standards are needed.

This talk will include:

An introduction to sustainable and green labs
A look at what net-zero laboratories might resemble in the future
An introduction to Sustainability standards, and what programmes are developing regarding the sustainability of clinical, research, and all kinds of labs
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