Events in 2023

The Science Apprentice Conference: From apprenticeship to impact

Connecting apprentices & celebrating their impact.

Histopathology Transformation & Recovery Launch Event

Call to action to NHS organisational leadership, responsible for the provision of high-quality, equitably accessible patient pathways, to champion improving histopathology performance and set the national intention to monitor progress.

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- Retic Webinar

This webinar and associated educational workshop, provides a basic introduction and training in the theory and practice of tinctorial staining techniques used in diagnostic Cellular Pathology laboratories, including Haematoxylin and Eosin stained sections together with the special staining techniques.

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- DPAS Webinar

This is suitable for anyone who has a Biomedical Science, Histotechnology, or laboratory science background and wishes to gain an understanding of cellular components and tissue with regards to their morphology and their ability to perform one or more specific functions.

AusDiagnostics User Group Meeting

The User Group Meeting is a great chance to hear talks from our users and we aim to keep the day as user focused as possible.

The aim of the day is to allow our customers to discuss their experiences using our products, network with other users, ask questions and hear about our exciting new developments.

Troubleshooting in Demonstration Techniques- Trichromes Webinar

The learning is aimed at students & personnel completing initial learning or qualifications in Cellular Pathology.

Intensive Microtomy Training Course

Full Hands-on Practical Microtomy Training course.

Microtomy is a skill that requires training and practice. The course is practical and hands-on for anyone who desire to work in histopathology department.

25-27th September 2023
2- 4th October 2023
9-11th October 2023
18-20th October 2023

IBMS Congress 2023

IBMS Congress 2023 is an important forum for progressing your professional skills and knowledge, supporting career development and promoting the profession.

CONGRESS 2023 - Understanding and evidencing the new HCPC Standards of Practice

Understanding and evidencing the new HCPC Standards of Practice

CONGRESS 2023 - Specialist Portfolios – updated, flexible and achievable

Specialist Portfolios – updated, flexible and achievable
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