Events in 2023

CONGRESS 2023 - Overcoming challenges to passing cervical cytology exams

Overcoming challenges to passing cervical cytology exams

CONGRESS 2023 - A success story: taking a collaborative approach to the delivery of specialist training

The IBMS Specialist Diploma is an important part of the development of Biomedical Scientists and is used as a mechanism to allow progress from band 5 to band 6 (or equivalent) by most laboratories. In recent years, various factors have impacted the ability of laboratories to support Specialist Portfolio training, resulting in recruitment challenges at the specialist level.

To address this, Pathology Practice Educators in London took a collaborative approach to deliver specialist training, covering the knowledge aspects of the Clinical Biochemistry Specialist Portfolio in a series of webinars. To support the webinar series and host resources we created a centralised online learning resource on the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform.

The successful pilot project has been used as a blueprint, taking this initiative across all UK Pathology networks, and covering 6 major disciplines. Learn about the journey of this pioneering specialist training programme for Biomedical Scientists and our exciting plans to expand the learning resources and widen the scope to other IBMS qualifications.

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CONGRESS 2023 - Controlled Human Infection Models: Anti-viral immunity in the respiratory tract

Controlled human infection models (CHIMs) allow researchers to deliberately infect volunteers with a carefully pre-defined viral inoculum and perform detailed investigations. These can examine both pre-existing immune responses and allow longitudinal sampling of multiple immunological compartments following infection. The unique nature of these CHIMs avoid the multiple confounding factors, which tend to limit conventional observational studies of naturally acquired viral infections in patients.

We have successfully established challenge models of influenza (H1N1 and H3N2), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and SARS-CoV2, and used a variety of tools (such as multi-parameter flow cytometry, ELISpot, multiplex cytokine and chemokine arrays and transcriptomics) to characterise populations of low-frequency virus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in both peripheral blood and cells in the upper and lower airways from challenge participants. We have also been able to extend our infection models into vulnerable populations, such as older adults, and use these techniques to investigate fundamental questions about the kinetics, specificities, and functionality of the cell-mediated response in these clinically relevant populations.

Challenge models allow us to probe the immune response to respiratory viral infections in a uniquely detailed manner. These advantages also make challenge models an attractive approach to testing the efficacy of novel vaccines and vaccine platforms, potentially leading to new vaccines and therapeutics, able to generate robust anti-viral immunity, while avoiding the significant risks and costs associated with traditional Phase II/III vaccine trials.

CONGRESS 2023 - Key skills for a supervisory role

There is a tendency to promote staff into supervisory roles and then allow them to find their feet on their own as the are faced with managing staff and taking on more responsibility. Departments tend to be very good and training these supervisors on how to perform tasks such as rotas, overtime payments, etc. but assume they have the necessary skills to mage and lead staff.

Often these supervisors look to role models from managers they have worked with or for and Tv (the apprentice, shudder) to help them developed their interpersonal skills. Sonic healthcare UK has recognized this as an opportunity to help with the development of all grades and has a novel training program to aid in supporting management and leadership skills. This will be discussed in this lecture.

CONGRESS 2023 - Making Science Sustainable – Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) and Clinical Laboratories

Nations, institutions, and now the NHS have made net-zero commitments, but how will this affect scientific operations, and what would net-zero science look like? Laboratories are recognising their energy intensive nature, and assessing their immense consumption of consumables. More green lab efforts are growing around the world, though more standards are needed.

This talk will include:

An introduction to sustainable and green labs
A look at what net-zero laboratories might resemble in the future
An introduction to Sustainability standards, and what programmes are developing regarding the sustainability of clinical, research, and all kinds of labs

CONGRESS 2023 - Applying sustainability principles in pathology– a reality or a pipe dream?

Sustainability is the balance between the environment, equity, and economy. It is well documented that our changing climate has severe implications for public and planetary health. As healthcare professionals, we have a responsibility to consider the way we practice and try to reduce any negative impacts of our practice.

This workshop looks at the carbon footprint of the lab and discusses what processes and practices can be adapted to reduce the carbon footprint of pathology practice. It explores the barriers to change and areas to target for improvement.

CONGRESS 2023 - Genetics and the Fertility Clinic

Genetics and the Fertility Clinic

CONGRESS 2023 - Highlighting the value of diagnostics, promoting the diagnostic workforce and improving diagnostic services

Highlighting the value of diagnostics, promoting the diagnostic workforce and improving diagnostic services

CONGRESS 2023 - The purpose and value of level 2 and 4 apprenticeships

This talk will focus on how level 2 and level 4 apprenticeships can help to engage in widening participation and EDI agenda as well as create an entry level workforce pipeline and staff that can be grown through apprenticeship progression routes into the Biomedical science profession.

CONGRESS 2023 - Motivating, training and developing on multiple sites – the Scarborough, Hull, York Pathology Service workforce journey

Motivating, training and developing on multiple sites – the Scarborough, Hull, York Pathology Service workforce journey