IBMSPOD - Episode 9

IBMSpod Episode 9 - Dr Rameen Shakur and Francis Yongblah

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9th July 2021
Venue: Online

Following the release of a breakthrough paper paving the way for personalised treatments and precision in cardiovascular medicine, we are joined by its lead author, Dr Rameen Shakur, a clinical scientist in cardiology and IBMS Fellow.

Rameen spoke to us about the recent sudden cardiac arrest of footballer Christian Erikson and its underlying cause – a set of conditions known as genetic cardiomyopathie and how to manage risk; as well his recent breakthrough paper which paves the way for personalised treatments of inherited heart disorders. :

July’s LabLife features senior Biomedical Scientist at Great Ormond Street Hospital Francis Yongblah. He talks about being part of the London Gay Symphony Orchestra and fighting for LGBT representation and equality in the laboratory.

IBMSPOD · Episode 9 - Cardiology and making music with Dr Rameen Shakur and Francis Yongblah


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