Mohs’ Procedure Introductory Webinar - 26th May 2022

During this session we will look more closely at the benefits of Mohs micrographic surgery to include improved preservation of uninvolved skin, better cosmetic outcomes and how it can be used on problematic infiltrative invasive tumour types. In addition we will consider the technical requirements in detail along with an understanding of the artefacts that can be created during the procedures and how they can also be resolved. Emphasis will be given to developing a comprehensive understanding of the skills required for the laboratory scientist to deliver good quality stained tissue sections.

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26th May 2022
Venue: Online

This webinar is suitable for anyone who has a biomedical science background and wishes to gain an understanding of the theory and practice involved in current Mohs’ Procedure and frozen section techniques, and for those students & laboratory personnel completing the IBMS Specialist Portfolio in Cellular Pathology.  This introductory webinar provides an introduction to the theory and application of Mohs’ Procedure and frozen section techniques, through the use of presentations and discussion based sessions.

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