OneFile Verifier training

During our most recent Training for Trainers event, many people expressed an interest in a OneFile specific training session geared towards supporting portfolio verifiers to complete the necessary steps to verify their first portfolio on OneFile.

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7th June 2024

The process of verification via OneFile follows the same basic structure as previous versions of the portfolio. Existing OneFile users will find the process intuitive and easy to navigate - especially if the candidates you are verifying have followed our recommended OneFile workflow! However, before verifiers can undertake a verification on OneFile, they must attend a training session to ensure they know how to scrutinise the evidence and sign it off from the perspective of a verifier. The training is quick and easy, typically taking around 30-45 minutes. 

What do I [as a verifier] need to do:
We have a series of three verifier-specific training sessions arranged in advance of the "summer rush" as placement students finish their portfolios and need to be verified. Verifiers only need to attend one of the following sessions, where the focus will be solely on OneFile (new verifiers should also attend a training for trainers session to learn more of the evidential standard and the support available from the institute to help you conduct verifications). Clicking the session date below will take you to the event registration page for that session:

Friday 7th June @ 1.00pm

Additional sessions will be scheduled for July/August and likely form part of the ongoing support and training offered by the IBMS to people who undertake training and verification of portfolios.

Other things to remember:
- All version 5 portfolio verifications must be completed through OneFile.
- Training officers/training managers must ensure that they arrange verifications in conjunction with the IBMS so we can setup new verifiers on OneFile and attach them to your candidate(s).
- Since OneFile verifications are so new to everyone, we ask that you give your verifier at least one week (especially in the case of totally new OneFile users) after they receive access to your candidate(s) for verification to enable them to get the feel for OneFile and scrutinise the portfolio evidence before the verification itself.