IBMS Fellow awarded Media Fellowship 2024

IBMS Fellow awarded Media Fellowship 2024
14 May 2024
The Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) Media Fellow for 2024 Is Dr Declan McLaughlin.

The Fellowship placement is sponsored by the IBMS and provides a unique opportunity for our members to spend two to six weeks working at the heart of media outlets such as The Guardian, BBC Breakfast, or Sky News. Dr McLaughlin, who is a Senior Lecturer in Anatomy at Queen's University Belfast, will have the chance to be selected to work within the media later this year to gain an understanding of how the media works and to collaborate on stories with journalists.

On being awarded the fellowship, Dr McLaughlin said

“I am delighted to be awarded the IBMS Media Fellowship for 2024. As a basic sciences educator, my main focus is empowering students as independent learners and architects of their own education. 

The IBMS Media Fellowship Award offers an opportunity to gain experience in media reporting and improve the communication of scientific topics to a general audience, which is crucial for public engagement and the promotion of the biomedical sciences profession. 

It's an extension of my role as an educator, taking the classroom to the community and shaping a narrative that supports scientific progress and innovation.

As a biomedical sciences educator, engaging with the media aligns with my commitment to enhance public understanding of science and contribute to informed decision-making.

Looking ahead to the future of healthcare, I see challenges in the ever-changing and updating curricula. In the coming years, the future of biomedical sciences education is likely to focus on developing adaptive expertise, fostering interdisciplinary training, and embracing evidence-based instructional practice.

Integrating the fundamental biomedical sciences with clinical application will help ensure that education keeps pace with scientific advances and societal needs.”

The IBMS congratulates Dr McLaughlin on winning a place on the Fellowship scheme. The IBMS has been sponsoring the Media Fellowship since 2000, and previous Fellows include Dr Martin Khechara,  Dr Sarah Pitt and Sheri Scott. You can find out more about the ABSW here.

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