Point of Care Testing

Develop your knowledge and skills in Point of Care Testing (POCT)

This course is essential for anyone preparing to manage a POCT service managing and also existing POCT managers who feel they would benefit from some supported learning to help them manage an expanding workload and a workforce of largely non-laboratory staff.

Topics include

The specific challenges related to POCT compliance with accreditation standards along with strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges - POCT requests, handling of POCT results as well as training and competence assessments of individuals performing POCT. Factors to consider when implementing connectivity between POCT instruments and the electronic medical record are also covered.

POCT course content and assessment

After a common introductory module the course comprises of six modules as follows:
• An Introduction to POCT
• Quality and Accreditation in POCT
• Principles of Measurement - Analytical Considerations
• Development of a Service Need
• Connectivity and Data Management in POCT
• Training in POCT

See below for details for the course dates. More information on the learning outcomes for each module can be found here

You can access course content through a designated area of the Ulster University's website, which includes candidate email and discussion forums.  The IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice (CEP) in Point of Care Testing is assessed through two assessment pieces and an online examination:

  • Your first assessment piece should critically capture how the discussion forums have assisted your learning during the course 
  • Your second assessment piece should show what you will change in your own practice as a result of doing this course and the steps you would take to do so
  • The online examination lasts 90 minutes with 42 questions in total composed of 36 multiple-choice and six short answer questions covering all course modules.

POCT course dates

We will start taking applications for the 2023 in the week commencing 15 August 2022. The course dates for 2023 are stated below. Please note that each module last two weeks apart from the module in which Easter falls, which in 2023 is during module six, that module will last three weeks.

Applications for 2023 open W/C 15 August 2022
Closing date for applications 9 December 2022
Log-in details available First week of January 2023
Introductory Module 6 January
Module 1 20 January
Module 2 3 February
Module 3 17 February
One week break 3 March
Deadline for submission of first assessment piece 9 March
Module 4 10 March
Module 5 24 March
Module 6 7 April (Good Friday)
Finish 27 April
Examination 11 May
Exam Result Notification 5 June
Examination (Re-sits) 15 June
Deadline for submission of second assessment piece   16 June
Results Released 11 July
Certificates Sent Out W/C 17 July

You will be award an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice in Point of Care Testing on successful completion of the course.

How to apply for POCT

To undertake this CEP you must have active Licentiate (LIBMS), Member (MIBMS) or Fellow (FIBMS) status of the IBMS at the point of application and you must maintain your membership throughout the duration of the qualification. To apply you will need to submit  via email to the IBMS Examinations Team:

Payment can be made via Purchase Order (which should accompany the completed application form) or by card payment. If you wish to pay by card, you will be contacted for your card payment details once the application form has been received. On the application form you are requested to briefly describe why you are applying to undertake the qualification. Your application will not be accepted or rejected based on what is stated instead this information is being requested simply to enable us to understand your level of experience and the motivation for applying.

POCT resources

You can find articles and online resources to support you in completing an IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice in POCT in our Resources section


POCT deferrals, withdrawals and mitigating circumstances

If you wish to defer, withdraw or highlight any mitigating circumstances please contact as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice in POCT please contact