Learn about IBMS approved and accredited apprenticeships

Learn about IBMS approved and accredited apprenticeships
9 September 2022
IBMS accredited apprenticeship programmes allow for work and study at the same time - and help to resolve recruitment and retention issues across the UK

At the IBMS, we recognise the importance of apprenticeships for employers. IBMS accredited apprenticeship routes are designed for laboratory staff and those wishing to gain Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration. They provide opportunities for existing and new staff to undertake affordable qualifications – and support workforce planning and upskilling while resolving recruitment and retention issues.


Available Apprenticeship Routes

At present, there are three apprenticeships of interest to colleagues in Pathology Services : 

  1. The Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship
  2. The Level 4 Healthcare Science Associate Apprenticeship
  3. The Level 6 Healthcare Science Practitioner Apprenticeship 

You can find out more about each level by reading the full document below.


A New Level 6 standard 

Towards the end of this year (2022), a new L6 Biomedical Scientist standard is expected to be launched. This will replace the current L6 Healthcare Science Practitioner standard.

The new standard will follow the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio more closely - with the End Point Assessment replaced by an IBMS verification provided via the education provider.


Professional Recognition

Passing an IBMS accredited apprenticeship - with an integrated placement and successful completion of the Registration Training Portfolio – leads to registration with the HCPC.


Apprenticeship Delivery in Universities 

The IBMS is committed to working with higher education institutions and employers that are in process of implementing apprenticeship degrees.

If you are planning to develop an apprenticeship route, please email Dr Sue Jones, our Executive Head of Education, to find out more :


Full IBMS Statement on Apprenticeship Degrees (September 2022)

Please read the full statement for more information on the available apprenticeship routes, IBMS programmes that support HCPC registration, and to learn more about the IBMS's ongoing work with higher education institutes.

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