Supporting our members for Biomedical Science Day

Supporting our members for Biomedical Science Day
7 June 2019
This year’s fund recipients share what they’re doing on the big day

For the third annual Biomedical Science Day, we’ve encouraged our members to apply for the Biomedical Science Day Activity Fund. The Albert Norman Trust Fund provided £5000 of funding whilst, due to a high level of exceptional applications, additional funds were added. This provided grants of up to £500 for IBMS members to use to celebrate Biomedical Science Day through science-related events and activities.

This year over 30 IBMS members received funding for their Biomedical Science Day activities. Here’s what a few of our recipients will be doing on the day including sample journey activities, mad scientists and science clubs. 

Therese Melvin LIBMS:

“To promote biomedical Science Day 2019 we plan to invite ‘Mad Scientist’ company to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to help us promote the practical, interesting, ‘wow’ factor in science. Visitors can learn chemistry kitchen experiments, dry ice experiments and more, with the opportunity to put a laboratory coat on and look like a real scientist and get a picture!”


Sue Jones FIBMS:

“We’re organising a science club for primary school children. There will be an activity on collecting pollen and viewing it by microscopy and information on allergies. Another activity will be analysing mouth bacteria for staining and viewing tooth plaque. We’ll be aiming for interactive human torso models and skeletons to build, as well as jigsaws on organs. It will be a great day!”


Hannah McGregor MIBMS

“We are inviting fifteen local A-level and BTech students who may be interested in studying biomedical science at university to visit the PHE laboratories in Colindale. The day will consist of a tour of the site, a chance to meet biomedical scientists working at the PHE at different stages of their career and a chance to visit the laboratory.”


Ian Davies FIBMS:

“We’ll be running ‘disease detectives’, a full-size operation game used to engage participants in discussions about disease and its investigation. We would like to expand the impact and interaction of this project through the use of props (junior lab coats, biohazard barriers) and to extend its reach through the production of teacher resource packs.”


Tahmina Hussain MIBMS:

“We’re having a staff bake-off, with all the cakes to be biomedical science-themed, and we are sourcing a celeb baker to judge the competition. We’re also having a teenage oncology patient who wishes to study medicine, who is going to follow his samples through the lab and learn about biomedical science. We’re also inviting local press and news too.”


We wish all our funding recipients the best of luck with their activities for Biomedical Science Day.

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