Celebrating Fab Change Week

Celebrating Fab Change Week
13 November 2017
As part of our pledge, we aim to promote the contributions our members have made to healthcare

As part of Fab Change Week, held 13-17 November, the IBMS are one of many professional bodies in the UK to pledge to make a change.

We pledge to ‘raise public awareness of biomedical science’ and to ‘promote the valuable contributions our members play in healthcare’. Read more here.

To help us do this, here are five of our members’ achievements this year, which we shall also be promoting through our social media channels throughout the week:

IBMS members helped save lives after the Manchester and London Bridge critical incidents

IBMS Fellow Adeboye Ifederu won a Leader of the Year award for his exceptional leadership in the laboratory at GOSH

IBMS Fellow Daisy Shale was honoured by the Science Council for a CPD award

IBMS members won an AHA NI award for their undertaking additional training to dissect cancer specimens

IBMS Council member Dave Eccleston won the CSO Equality & Diversity Leadership Award

We are proud to share our members’ accomplishments for Fab Change Week and encourage our members to get involved and make a pledge using the hashtag #LabLeaders.

For more information about how you can get involved in FAB Change Week, please visit the FAB Change website.

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